“On a day of bright sky, when the hills are of that intoxicating misty blue that belongs especially to the west, the bogland is a lovely far-reaching expanse of purple and rich brown: and the lakelets take on the quite indescribable colour that comes from clear sky reflected in bog-water, while the sea-inlets glow with an intense but rather greener blue. On such a day the wanderer will thank his lucky star that it has brought him to Connemara.”
Robert Lloyd Praeger, 'The Way That I went' 1937
“One of the most fascinating weeks of my life – a trip back in time… I had been wet, sunburnt, scared, hilarious, fascinated, exhilarated and tipsy.”
Linda Duffin, Sky News
“The West of Ireland is still a largely undiscovered wonderland for walkers, and its islands – if not actually fabled Hy-Brasil – beckon with poetic promise of laughter and lovely landscapes, literally the last of Europe.”
Roly Smith, Rambling TODAY
“The West coast of Ireland is a delight for the walker; the perfect combination of dramatic coastline, deserted mountain ranges and windswept islands. Whether you are scrambling along a rocky foreshore, taking in the view from the clifftops, or strolling on a sandy beach, the chances are you will have only the sound of the breaking Atlantic surf for company.”
Rob Howard, Outdoor Pursuits
“Connemara or Conmaicne Mara, where the Conmaicne tribe lived by the sea…has everything to satisfy the walker, big mountains, little mountains, awaymarked trail, coastal walking, botanical, geological and archaeological walks and stupendous scenery.”
Lucinda Thomson, Walking World
“For Gibbons, history is only a squint away; tag along on one of his treks and you’ll never look at a peat bog the same way again.”
Michael Dolan, OUTDOOR
“Michael Gibbons, archaeologist and raconteur, a lovely talker who made dull rocks sing with history and somehow managed to make bogs interesting, even fascinating.”
Christopher Buckley, Forbes FYI
“…one of the finest communicators I have ever come across …”
Jim Perrin, the Great Outdoors Magazine
“Thank you again for the wonderful trip we made with you from Clifden. The trip was one of the highlights of our vacation in Ireland; it made Connemara special to us.”
H & T Kohne, The Netherlands

Welcome to Michael Gibbons Archaeology Travel

We provide spectacular archaeological holidays in ancient and unspoilt landscapes. We are based in Clifden, capital of Connemara, an area that remains a bastion of Gaelic Ireland. Famously it is the location of Guglielmo Marconi’s first long distance radio transmission station, which was also the landing point for Alcock & Brown on the first trans-Atlantic flight.Travellers searching for new areas to explore will be invigorated by the sheer beauty and tranquility of Ireland. We explore emerging and mythic landscapes; delve into a rich and vibrant cultural heritage buried in remote corners but holding direct links with ancient cultures throughout Europe. Click to Download brochure

What to Expect from Michael Gibbons Archaeologyl Travel

We visit the offshore islands of Árann, Inishbofin & the Skelligs, tread softly on orchid rich bogs and karst limestone of the Burren and an opportunity to enter the chamber at Newgrange Megalithic Tomb.

Experience great food and accommodation, traditional pubs and mighty music, feel the tangible link to Ireland’s past from our ancient Neolithic Kings in the Boyne Valley, our Early Christian ‘Saints & Scholars’ to our Viking founded cities, Norman Castle and our deserted Famine villages.

What Michael Gibbons Archaeology Travel Offers

Our aim is to provide our clients with a unique experience of Irish heritage and hospitality; providing a high quality introduction to the latest research on Ireland’s archaeology: from the Mesolithic to the modern world, revealing the spiritual and material depth of Ireland’s past as well as the famed hospitality and conviviality of Ireland’s Present.

We offer a range of scheduled and private archaeological holiday plus a private guide service which can be booked for individuals, families and groups. We also work with students from primary, secondary and 3rd level, our academic packages can suit all ages and can vary from school tours to longer fully inclusive tours for overseas students.

Our Packages

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  • Prehistoric Rock Art and Christian Orans figure within Knockmanagh Childrens Burial Ground
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Private Guide Service

Michael Gibbons has been guiding families and groups throughout Connemara and the West Coast of Ireland for almost 25…

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Academic Trips

For all students of Archaeology, History, Historical Geography, Folklore and all things Irish we can develop a Field Study…